STORY: Shell gaslights over public health concerns: “We don’t have an impact”

A September 6, 2022 PITTSBURGH INDEPENDENT story, Shell Oil gaslights over public health concerns: “We don’t have an impact” reports on the latest virtual community meeting held by Shell on their Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex, which is due to begin plastic production along the Ohio River in Monaca, Pennsylvania any day now.

Investigative reporter Brian Conway writes:
“The plant is the region’s first and there are plans for more. On some nights in recent weeks, there’s been speculation online regarding an orange glow around the facility caused by ground flares reflecting off of fog. The flares are used to burn off excess gas and volatile organic chemicals. In Louisiana, where there’s a cluster of these cracker plants, the predominantly Black and low-income communities that surround them have elevated cancer rates and are known by the nickname “cancer alley.”

“We don’t have an impact.”

Shell environmental and regulatory lead Kimberly Kaal, when asked during a community meeting about the dangers of living near the plant

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League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Shale & Public Health Conference on Nov. 18, 2015

“The harm is considerable. People exposed to the emissions and pollution will get sick, because that’s what happens to people who live near petrochemical facilities like cracker plants!”

Edward C. Ketyer, M.D., President of Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania

“It is entirely conceivable that under inversion conditions, elevated cancer risk exposures could extend to the river valley communities of Vanport, Beaver, and also Monaca, Rochester, and New Brighton.”

Matt Mehalik, Ph.D., executive director of Western Pennsylvania’s Breathe Project

“Even if they stay below the applicable standards, this does not mean there will not be tragic health consequences, and this is especially true for our children who are more vulnerable to pollutants.”

Rachel Meyer, of Moms Clean Air Force
“Shell received the largest tax subsidy in Pennsylvania history for the project: $1.65 billion over 25 years.”

Read Brian Conway’s full story in the PITTSBURGH INDEPENDENT here.

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One Comment on “STORY: Shell gaslights over public health concerns: “We don’t have an impact”

  1. WOW , where do you start ? Why is Government , Industry , and the General public ignoring an eminent and present danger to our health , safety , and welfare ? Why is the radio-active threat being ignored in Pa , when it is understood in New York ? There are new viruses coming up from the wells > Millions of people and animals are dyeing around the world where this disease is present , yet it is being ignored . Why are uranium stone chips from drilling allowed to be used for road base ? Why is dangerous radio-active brine from the wells allowed to be put on roadways for dust suppression and snow and ice melting ? No one has cleaned up the past coal and timber destruction to our air , land . and water, only more of the same .. Dangerous pipelines are run in areas where people and property are in danger . Global warming has and is sending warnings that we are in danger . We will be the nexe fossil fuel , just like the dinosaurs . WAKE UP ! ITS LATER THAN YOU THINK ! .

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