Electric Car Batteries Lasting Longer Than Predicted

Battery Longevity Delays Need for Recycling Programs

An August 1, 2022 story in Forbes by Carlton Reid sported that headline along with this opening: “Electric cars have sophisticated battery management systems that guard the long-term health of their batteries. Most manufacturers offer battery warranties of seven or eight years or around 100,000 miles of driving, but there’s an industry expectation that EV batteries will last longer than that; they should outlive the cars themselves. Nissan has been making the electric Leaf since 2010.”

“Almost all of the [electric car] batteries we’ve ever made are still in cars, and we’ve been selling electric cars for 12 years.”

Nissan executive Nic Thomas

“It’s the complete opposite of what people feared when we first launched EVs—that the batteries would only last a short time. At the end of the vehicle’s life—15 or 20 years down the road—you take the battery out of the car, and it’s still healthy, with perhaps 60 or 70% of usable charge. Taking the battery out [of an electric car] and putting a new battery in is not a viable proposition. It’s more sustainable to take the battery pack out of the car after 20 years, recycle the car, and reuse the battery.”

Nic Thomas, U.K. marketing director for Nissan, speaking at a press launch for the Ariya electric crossover in Stockholm

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/WvUk99oRpJE

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