Eureka Resources Back in the News

Employee dies of “chemical and thermal burns” from a “chemical explosion” in an industrial accident OSHA is investigating.

Eureka Resources has a prior investigation history with OSHA:

Source: United States Department of Labor – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Some will recall this August 29, 2022 story from Public Herald:

Senator Says Pennsylvania Bypassed Feds & Issued “Illegal” Permit That Threatens Dimock Waterways With Radioactivity From Fracking

“In Pennsylvania, the NPDES program is managed by DEP officials, but Eureka’s permit, like all permits of its kind, also requires federal oversight by the U.S. EPA. According to Senator Muth, the EPA was unaware of Eureka’s permit until she brought it to their attention – after DEP already issued it. “The EPA never saw this application until I brought it to their attention…meaning, DEP gave [Eureka] a fake permit,” Senator Muth told Public Herald. On public record, on at least three occasions, DEP claims it secured a waiver from EPA, which skipped federal approval. But, Senator Muth said, EPA officials told her they’d never seen the permit let alone issued a waiver.”

PUBLIC HERALD | August 29, 2022

More of that Public Herald story and podcast:

“A key part of this story is that Eureka’s patented process seemingly fails to remove cancer-causing radium from the waste it purports to “cleanse.” At Standing Stone [facility], DEP again failed to include radium limits in Eureka’s NPDES discharge permit. There, Eureka discharges directly to Towanda Creek, a tributary of the Susquehanna River. In January, Public Herald reported that DEP’s own data reveals that Eureka’s treatment process only removed about 9% of radium from the oil and gas wastewater it processed at its facility in Williamsport, PA. At Eureka’s Williamsport facility, wastewater has entered the treatment system “hot” at an average 9,600 pCi/L of combined radium. After treatment, it’s tested only marginally less radioactive at an average 8,800 pCi/L of radium. These results are a far cry from “pure water” that Eureka claims to create, or the federal drinking water limit of 5 piC/L.”

PUBLIC HERALD | August 29, 2022

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