Off-grid Solar EV Charger

California-based solar-powered EV charger company Paired Power has just debuted a modular, off-grid electric vehicle charger that is powered by a solar canopy.

Michelle Lewis writes in a September 13, 2022 story in electrek about this new offering, with deliveries expected to begin in the 2nd quarter of 2023…

“PairTree comes in 5 kW units using 10 bifacial solar panels each, and they can be customized with branding, lighting, and media options. The AC charging station provides Level 2 charging, and 120V outlet panels can be added to support emergency or temporary power. It can be used off grid, but it can also be hooked into the grid if desired. PairTree can be installed in only four hours by two people.”

Reporter Michelle Lewis | electrek | September 13, 2022


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