$85 Million Effort to Stop US Petrochemical Plants

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is putting his wealth into an effort to halt the expansion of petrochemical manufacturing in the Ohio River Valley, Texas & Louisiana.

“Communities around the country are standing up to confront the petrochemical industry and defend their right to clean air and water. This campaign will help ensure more local victories, support laws that protect communities from harm and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are fueling the climate crisis.”

Michael Bloomberg | Beyond Petrochemicals: People Over Pollution

Petrochemical facilities are the #1 source of toxic air pollution in the U.S. and petrochemicals produce nearly 10% of the country’s carbon emissions.

How We Move Beyond Petrochemicals | Bloomberg Philanthropies
Carbon dioxide emissions

Drawing on the success of Beyond Coal and Beyond Carbon, Beyond Petrochemicals will block the expansion of more than 120 proposed petrochemical and plastic projects concentrated in three target geographies – Louisiana, Texas, and the Ohio River Valley – and will also work to establish stricter rules for existing plants to safeguard the health of American communities. 

Michael Bloomberg | Beyond Petrochemicals: People Over Pollution

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