44-Ton Heavy Duty Electric Trucks

“Volvo Trucks hit another milestone Wednesday, as the heavy-duty truck maker announced its massive 44-ton electric trucks are hitting the production line. With the addition of three of its heaviest electric truck models, Volvo now has a six heavy-duty EV lineup – the largest in the industry. Volvo Trucks has sold about 1,000 heavy-duty electric trucks.”

The September 14, 2022 story by Peter Johnson in electrek shares the news of the largest heavy duty EV truck line-up in the industry.

Behind passenger vehicles, heavy and medium-duty trucks contribute the most greenhouse gases in the transportation sector. According to recent EU data, heavy-duty vehicles contribute about 25% of total transportation emissions. Volvo Trucks announced plans for a large-scale battery factory in Sweden to accelerate its electrification efforts.


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“Making the shift to electromobility might feel like a big leap. We’re here to make everything as smooth as possible – from defining the right truck to addressing any concerns you might have about charging, operating range and securing deliveries.”

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