Solar September: Another 6-Dollar Monthly Electric Bill

$6.57 to be exact, which also included home EV charging and 1,067 kWh left ‘in the bank’ for future months. We also generated another SREC to sell for $40.

Meantime, a neighbor in the same size ranch home got a bill for $197.

Other than our 8.97 kW solar energy system with Powerwall2 backup, the other main difference between our houses would be his central air conditioning unit vs our new MERV 15 heat pump, for home cooling. It appears to use about 10-percent less electricity and doesn’t run as long as our old central AC unit. Comparing our September electric bills from 2021 and 2022, it’s worth noting that our average daily use (kWh) from the electric company, dropped from 10kWh last year to 9kWh this year.

NEWS: Solar Is Now 33% Cheaper Than Gas Power in US, Guggenheim Says
Utility-scale solar is now about a third cheaper than gas-fired power, while onshore wind is about 44% less expensive, Guggenheim analysts led by Shahriar Pourreza said Monday in a note to clients.

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