VIDEO: Governments Leading by Example

Electrifying Government Fleets

Global Clean Energy Action Forum – Pittsburgh, PA
September 23 • 10:15am – 11:15am
NOTE: Video begins at 8:10 minute mark

National governments are accelerating the global clean energy transition and leading by example by electrifying their vehicle fleets. Signatory countries to this year’s “Zero-Emission Government Fleet Declaration” declare their commitment to greening their government fleets in all vehicle classes by no later than 2035. Such commitments not only demonstrate national and international leadership, they catalyze expansion of sustainable transportation, as governments are in many countries also the largest fleet owners. Their vehicle procurement decisions have direct emissions impacts, send demand signals that drive technology and move markets, and lower costs for other consumers.

This panel convened high-level government and private sector panelists to focus on the “who, what, why, and what’s next” of the Zero-Emission Government Fleet Declaration. Officials from signatory countries share their countries’ experience transitioning their government fleets and highlight where international collaboration and private sector partnerships can accelerate the transition. Panelists from a major auto manufacturer and infrastructure provider share private sector perspectives, including on how governments can work with the private sector to advance their objectives. Video link

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