No One Worries about Energy Bills in One Tiny German Town

In a September 29, 2022 story by Frank Jordans tells how Feldheim, Germany, about 90-minutes south of Berlin, has been energy self-sufficient for more than a decade.

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A bold experiment launched in the mid-1990s saw Feldheim erect a handful of wind turbines to provide electricity to the village. Then it built a local grid, solar panels, battery storage and more turbines.

In one tiny German town, nobody worries about energy bills
The small town is surrounded by 55 wind turbines and exports about 250 times as much electricity as it consumes.

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“They can all sleep well at night. They’ve got no concerns because the prices are not going to change, not in the immediate future anyway.”

Kathleen Thompson, who works for a local educational organization, the New Energies Forum

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“Citizens need to feel that it’s their transition and not one imposed from above.”

Michael Knape, mayor of Treuenbrietzen, a municipality to which Feldheim belongs