Resilience: Solar-Powered Florida Community Endured Hurricane Ian

No loss of power and minimal damage to Babcock Ranch solar array operated by Florida Power and Light

The CNN story on October 2, 2022 by Rachel Ramirez reports:

The storm [Hurricane Ian] obliterated the nearby Fort Myers and Naples areas with record-breaking surge and winds over 100 mph. It knocked out power to more than 2.6 million customers in the state, including 90% of Charlotte County. But the lights stayed on in Babcock Ranch.

Rachel Ramirez | CNN
VIDEO: A Profile of Babcock Ranch in SW Florida

Babcock Ranch calls itself “America’s first solar-powered town.” Its nearby solar array — made up of 700,000 individual panels — generates more electricity than the 2,000-home neighborhood uses, in a state where most electricity is generated by burning natural gas, a planet-warming fossil fuel. The streets in this meticulously planned neighborhood were designed to flood so houses don’t. Native landscaping along roads helps control storm water. Power and internet lines are buried to avoid wind damage. Climate resiliency was built into the fabric of the town with stronger storms in mind.

This 100% solar community endured Hurricane Ian with no loss of power and minimal damage | CNN | October 2, 2022
PDF: FPL Babcock Preserve Solar Energy Center

MORE ABOUT BABCOCK RANCH: Florida Power & Light – Babcock Ranch
To launch the partnership, Babcock Ranch donated more than 440 acres of land to build the FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center. Today, Babcock Ranch is home to two 74.5 MW solar facilities and multiple FPL SolarNow™ trees.

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