VIDEO: Delivering Solar Energy

Building Resilient & Sustainable Value Chains

Global Clean Action Energy Forum – Pittsburgh, PA
Friday September 23, 2022 12:45pm-1:45pm EDT
NOTE: Video begins at the 9:45 mark

Ensuring resilient solar value chains will be critical to delivering affordable and efficient clean energy and enabling progress on the Glasgow Power Breakthrough. Value chains encompass critical minerals and key components, manufacturing capacity, and labor for manufacturing and installation. In both developed and developing economies, the development of robust value chains for clean energy technologies will provide an essential foundation for a just energy transition and expanded energy access.

This roundtable will focus on challenges and opportunities associated with scaling up solar energy manufacturing, especially in countries and regions with untapped potential. The discussion will identify barriers to unlocking the necessary investments that are needed to ensure that a diverse array of countries and regions can benefit from the economic opportunity offered by the rapidly expanding solar energy industry. Video link


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