New Federal Climate, Energy Law Makes Going Solar Well Within Reach

By Sharon Pillar, Executive Director PA Solar Center | October 4, 2022

The recently passed [federal] Inflation Reduction Act offers a number of incentives that make transitioning to solar power very attractive to homeowners, businesses, and other organizations.

It offers financing tools and opportunities to make flipping the switch to solar well within reach, including that 30% tax credit (or more for commercial systems). 

NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) is the gold standard for demonstrating competency for solar installation. 

How does one find these reputable, NABCEP-certified solar installers, you might ask? 

Well, a directory of them can be found right on our website

The certified installers in this directory are also all based in Pennsylvania, which is a great way to support local businesses and keep resources in our state.

Keep in mind that an average home solar system is about seven kilowatts (kW) and would cost on average between $2,500-$3,500 per kW or about $17,500-$24,500 before applying the new 30% tax credit and without energy storage. 

But it will also vary depending upon the steepness and composition of your roof and how much energy you use.

Consumers can also check out our FAQ page, which answers common solar questions from “How much does it cost to go solar?” to “What sort of maintenance is required?” to see how the proposals they receive compare.

The PA Solar Center also provides unbiased assistance to non-residential organizations through our program called GET Solar, through which we usher businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, schools, and others through the whole solar procurement process.

The Pennsylvania Solar Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit effort to raise the awareness of the benefits of solar energy in Pennsylvania. Click Here to sign up for regular updates.


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Renewables Are Holding Back the Emissions Tide
This growth in solar and wind generation accounts for two-thirds of the new renewable capacity on the grid. And while hydropower struggled amid record-breaking droughts around the world, the growth of that form of energy has also increased since last year.

Industry is Misleading the Public on Carbon Capture, Internal Documents Show
Fossil fuel companies are misleading the public about carbon capture technology, according to internal documents unearthed as part of an ongoing federal investigation into fossil fuel company misinformation. Private conversations between top employees of major oil and gas corporations reveal that the industry is pushing carbon capture as a climate solution, despite private acknowledgement that the technology is meant primarily to prolong and expand oil and gas drilling. 

E.V.s Start With a Bigger Carbon Footprint. But That Doesn’t Last.
Studies have found that, though it’s true that the production of a B.E.V. causes more pollution than a gasoline-powered counterpart, this greenhouse-gas emission difference is erased as the vehicle is driven. And erasing the difference does not appear to take very long. In a study conducted by the University of Michigan (with a grant from the Ford Motor Company), the pollution equation evens out between 1.4 to 1.5 years for sedans, 1.6 to 1.9 years for S.U.V.s and about 1.6 years for pickup trucks, based on the average number of vehicle miles traveled in the United States. The study found that, on average, emissions from B.E.V. sedans were 35 percent of the emissions from an internal-combustion sedan. Electric S.U.V.s produced 37 percent of the emissions of a gasoline-powered counterpart, and a B.E.V. pickup created 34 percent of the emissions of an internal combustion model.

Prolonged poor air quality in WA hits highest mark in past decade
Oct. 22, 2022 – When Seattle recorded the world’s worst air quality this week, Washington reached another grim milestone as the duration of exposure to poor air quality hit a 10-year peak. For the first time in at least a decade, the average number of days with moderate or worse air quality in Washington inched closer to a full month, according to data from the state Department of Ecology. 

“I think the difference is very stark between the two gubernatorial candidates,” said Katie Blume, the political director for the environmental advocacy group Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, which endorsed Shapiro. Faced with the choice between Shapiro and Mastriano, such organizations argue, anyone concerned about the environment or climate change has only one option. “Heaven help us if Mastriano gets in office,” Bower-Bjornson said. “If we allow Doug Mastriano to become governor of Pennsylvania,” said Steve Hvozdovich, the director of Pennsylvania campaigns for the group Clean Water Action, “it’s going to clearly be a bad thing for the environment, with his denial of climate, his pledges to roll back environmental protection, his self-professed policies of ‘drill, baby, drill.’”

Eviation Sells More Alice Electric Aircraft For Underserved Routes
According to the company’s CEO, the average cost per hour to fly a business jet is $3,000, but an electric airplane can reduce that by 90%. Furthermore, since an electric aircraft is 92-95% more efficient than any kerosene counterpart and required to follow the same weight restrictions during landing. Even though this might sound complex, all modern airliners are designed so they can take off and land with exactly the same weight in case of emergency. So then “losing weight” during a flight wouldn’t present much of challenge for designers.

Driving 1,000 Miles Home In The Kona Electric
In some places in the south of Europe, the rate per kWh could reach as much as €0.61/kWh, and the record-breaking hotel in Albania where the rate per kWh reached €0.82/kWh. Compared to the Polish average of €0.41/kWh, you can see Poland has the lowest rates in Europe today (hard to say how much longer, as we’re on track for a more serious energy crisis).

Mission Solar will increase its module manufacturing capacity in Texas to 1 GW
“By 2035, solar installations are expected to quadruple from current levels. At present, 4% of the electricity fed to American energy grids is generated by solar. The U.S. aims to have 40% of its electricity generated by solar technology by 2035. These are exciting opportunities for us as a company. Additional motivated team members will be needed to help us build a greener future,” said Jae Yang, President and CEO of Mission Solar Energy.

PPL and Elia Group subsidiaries announce agreement to develop and propose innovative transmission solutions to connect future offshore wind capacity to onshore grid in New England
Later this month, PPL and WindGrid plan to jointly respond to a request for information (RFI) issued by five New England states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire) that are seeking input from interested stakeholders relating to the transmission system changes and upgrades that are needed to integrate future renewable energy resources into their grids. Recent studies, including Massachusetts’ Energy Pathways to Deep Decarbonization report, which is cited in the RFI, assume that up to 30,000 megawatts of New England offshore wind capacity will be deployed by 2050. Video

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