15 Companies Are Manufacturing Solar Panels in the US

Kelly Pickerel wrote a detailed article listing all the companies “entering a solar module manufacturing renaissance” in the United States. While her October 19th story includes the full details, below is a condensed list of those companies:
Front roof
Kelly’s complete story in Solar Power World is here.



Update Nov 10, 2022 – U.S. blocks more than 1,000 solar shipments over Chinese slave labor concerns
(Reuters) -More than 1,000 shipments of solar energy components worth hundreds of millions of dollars have piled up at U.S. ports since June under a new law banning imports from China’s Xinjiang region over concerns about slave labor, according to federal customs officials and industry sources. Solar installations in the United States slowed by 23% in the third quarter, and nearly 23 gigawatts of solar projects are delayed, largely due to an inability to obtain panels.

Texas Natural Gas Drops Toward Zero as Output Swamps Pipelines
When pipelines are too full to handle any more gas, companies typically burn off the excess gas so they won’t have to reduce or stop oil production. The practice, known as flaring, has attracted increasing ire from environmental groups and scrutiny from regulators.

Archer To Unveil Its “Midnight” E-VTOL Aircraft Next Month, 250 Air Taxis By 2025
Midnight has a payload weight of 1,000+ pounds to support four passengers and a pilot. The company’s target flights have a charging turnaround time of approximately 10 minutes, which enables Archer’s urban air mobility (UAM) network operating model. (video)

Fossil Fuel Production Subsidies Rose to Record Levels in G20 Countries in 2021
The annual Climate Transparency report is the work of 16 nonprofit and research organizations. It focuses on the progress of G20 countries, which are 19 countries and the EU and include major economies like the U.S., China, India and the UK. Collectively, these countries account for 75 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the report.

The wasted potential of garbage dumps
The climate crisis will require taking advantage of every source of clean energy we can find, and a 2021 report from RMI, a clean energy think tank, estimates that landfill solar projects like the one in Sunnyside have the potential to generate at least 63.2 gigawatts of power across the US — enough energy for 7.8 million American homes, or the entire state of South Carolina.

Diesel supply dwindles, with few ways to boost it. How this affects the economy and you.
While the national average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline we put in our cars has dropped about 24% from their record high in June, the price of diesel has only slipped 8%. Diesel prices used to be lower than gasoline, but that relationship has flipped over the years, and the spread between the two has widened and is likely to balloon this winter with diesel prices expected to surge, analysts said. 

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