Caltech’s Space Solar Energy Project

Imagine collecting solar energy in space, where it has 8-times the potential of terrestrial solar, and beaming it back to Earth.

Caltech’s wildly ambitious space solar project, buoyed by a massive hundred-million-dollar donation, is preparing to launch its first prototypes into orbit. These cutting-edge ultralight structures will collect, convert and wirelessly send energy. It’s obvious why you’d want to harvest solar energy in space: 24-hour access to virtually limitless solar energy without so much as an atmosphere in the way, let alone weather or obstructions. The energy potential in space is some eight times better per square meter of solar panel than here on Earth.

By Loz Blain | New Atlas | October 18, 2022

VIDEO: Space Solar Power Project (3:46)

VIDEO: Space Solar Power: A New Beginning – Sergio Pellegrino – 10/31/2018 (1:02:04)

Earnest C. Watson Lecture by Professor Sergio Pellegrino, “Space Solar Power: A New Beginning.” Learn more about: – Sergio Pellegrino’s Research:


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