Sustainable Energy News and Climate Change Reports

4th Quarter 2022 Excerpts from the SUN DAY Campaign


Commentary: The electric grid emergency of Christmas 2022, and what it means for green energy
The cost of electricity from renewable energy has fallen over the last two decades by more than 90%. Behavioral incentives have been the least explored factor, but the most needed as we transition into a world that will use green energy. Today, an American adult’s carbon footprint is roughly 25 metric tons annually. Europe and Japan average a little less than half that amount. The developing world one-sixth, and the less developed nations mostly in Africa less than one-20th.

Climate change makes heat waves, storms and droughts worse, climate report confirms
Climate change is causing the weather around the world to get more extreme, and scientists are increasingly able to pinpoint exactly how the weather is changing as the Earth heats up. A sweeping new report by top climate scientists and meteorologists describes how climate change drove unprecedented heat waves, floods and droughts in recent years. The annual report from the American Meteorological Society (AMS) compiles the leading science about the role of climate change in extreme weather.