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Logan Hullinger writes in the January 13, 2023 TribLive: “Steelers’ Levi Wallace talks importance of air quality with Acmetonia Primary School students

An educational show featuring an NFL football player and a professional DJ made for a fun afternoon for Acmetonia Primary School students. Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Levi Wallace was welcomed with raucous cheers and applause Friday when he visited the Allegheny Valley district school to educate students about air pollution. The assembly was a last-minute score for the elementary, selected as the random winner of a sweepstakes sponsored by Buffalo, N.Y.-based Austin Air Systems earlier this week. McCall Emerick, a sixth grade science teacher, has conducted an air quality flag program at the school over the past decade. Students raise flags with colors symbolizing the air quality index and study its impact on the environment.

TribLive | January 13, 2023

“I grew up with asthma, and it limited me to play sports and to be learning because I had really bad asthma attacks. So it was important to be a part of Austin Air.”

Levi Wallace #29 Pittsburgh Steelers

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EDITORIAL: We need serious, comprehensive strategies for improving air quality in Lancaster County
January 15, 2023 – As this newspaper reported last spring, the county’s idyllic rural landscape can fool us into thinking all is well. But home “to a confluence of busy highways, urban and suburban communities and thousands of farms, the county has long been on lists of the worst air quality in the nation.” As retired Lancaster County physician Dr. Alan Peterson told LNP | LancasterOnline last year, the polluted particles are threats to not just our respiratory systems. Because they’re so small, they can make their way from the lungs to the bloodstream and eventually the heart, potentially causing issues within the cardiovascular system.