PFAS and Pennsylvania Drinking Water Standards

Susan Phillips writes January 14, 2023 on StateImpact Pennsylvania, “Pennsylvania sets drinking water standards on two ‘forever chemical’ PFAS compounds

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection adopted new limits on two of the toxic class of chemicals known as PFAS. Often referred to as “forever chemicals,” because they don’t naturally break down in the environment, PFAS compounds are linked to serious health issues, including some cancers. The rulemaking came after the DEP asked Drexel University to evaluate PFAS contamination in the state. The study concluded the EPA health advisory for PFAS was no longer protective of public health.

StateImpact Pennsylvania | January 14, 2023

“Since Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order in 2018, DEP has been committed to protecting Pennsylvanians from the adverse impacts of PFAS. We are still learning more about these chemicals, and these new MCLs are a step in the right direction.” 

PA DEP Acting Secretary Ramez Ziadeh
Ramez Ziadeh

“Every day that people are drinking water that contains PFAS, it increases the levels of these toxins in their blood, and that increases their risk of developing a disease linked to PFOA and PFOS.” 

Tracy Carluccio, Delaware Riverkeeper Network
Tracy Carluccio

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