FOR AMERICA: Time to Reinstate the U.S. Oil & Gas Export Ban Lifted in 2015

Residential Gas & Electric Prices Continue to Rise

Our home’s natural gas supply price spiked 130-percent over the past two years. Looking further, while the commodity price for natural gas plummeted 73-percent over the past 12-months, our local ‘price to compare’ rose 8-percent!

What’s up with that?
Is it due to increased exports of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)? Should the U.S. oil & gas export ban that was lifted in 2015 be reinstated? Yes!

That legislative action would also help prevent U.S. citizens from getting gouged at the gas pump by foreign oil cartels, and help stabilize the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

What about electricity prices?

Our residential electricity supply price was fairly steady, until they spiked 45-percent over the past 12-months! Now that more electricity in Pennsylvania is being generated with natural gas, one has to believe that sort of price spike is tied to natural gas price fluctuations.

Meantime, we’re sitting on top of one of largest supplies of natural gas in the world: the Marcellus shale. But since fossil gas prices are being controlled by global markets, wild price increases have become more common.

Luckily, we rely on rooftop solar energy for a large part of our home’s heating, cooling and electricity. The SUN never changes its price for sunshine: FREE!