Bob reviews why his water company switched from chlorine to chloramine when fracking waste was being dumped in Pittsburgh rivers and how that has affected trihalomethane and lead levels in his city tap water from the Monongahela River.

Midterm elections next Tuesday offer us an excellent chance to ‘vote for the environment’ by changing the political mix in Harrisburg and Congress by riding the ‘Blue Wave’ and voting Republicans and their ‘planet Earth destroying policies’ out of office. Over recent years we’ve watched as the GOP has ‘slashed and burned’ important and reasonable environmental regulations developed over the past 50 years, ones that would work further against climate change while supporting a healthy environment for future generations.

Wrapping-up the summer gardening season includes chores like draining and storing garden hoses, as well as emptying flower pots for winter storage. Bob shares some of his tips and insights for these fall garden projects.

Heavy rains in 2018 contributed to this massive landslide in an upscale suburban community in North Strabane Township, Pennsylvania where several large new homes had to be demolished, video attached.

Bob shares his tips on asphalt driveway sealing following years of sealing blacktop driveways for clients including what you should do to make the job easier and things to watch out for when applying blacktop sealers.