Heavy rains in 2018 contributed to this massive landslide in an upscale suburban community in North Strabane Township, Pennsylvania where several large new homes had to be demolished, video attached.

Bob shares his tips on asphalt driveway sealing following years of sealing blacktop driveways for clients including what you should do to make the job easier and things to watch out for when applying blacktop sealers.

Several composting workshops are scheduled for the Pittsburgh area in September and it’s a great way to learn about composting while also saving on the cost of a new composting bin!

Over the past 17 years the United Flight 93 crash site near Shanksville, Pennsylvania has developed into a National Park with the final design element, the “Tower of Voices,” to be dedicated in less than three weeks. Part of this development has included the planting of over 100,000 tree seedlings by volunteers and “The Friends of Flight 93.”