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Turning the Corner

I'm fortunate to have lived long enough to have been active on a host of important issues over the decades. It sure helped learning how to type 25 to 30 words per minute (wpm) way back when! Now they refer to it as keyboarding.

Issues I've worked on can be classified as either "positive" or "negative." Or put another way, "for" or "against." The positive issues have always felt the most rewarding, probably because it involves building up instead of tearing down. Having worked for what feels like too many years (nearly a decade) on negative fossil fuel issues, now is the time to "turn the corner" and work on positive changes for our energy future.

This latest effort of mine is dedicated to my grand kids, Ramona and Lewie. Ramona actually led the way by taking part in the New York Climate March with her parents a few years ago. Now it's time for me to catch up and work on the positive benefits of renewable energy for all of us!

  Ramona in the New York City climate march in 2014

Ramona in the New York City climate march in 2014

Thanks to Al Gore and his dedicated work with the team at the Climate Reality Project, I've just recently completed my training in Pittsburgh as a Climate Reality Leader, with plans to further expand my environmental work into the realm of renewable energy.

Focus on the positives instead of the negatives.

The most logical place to start is my local community, and it just so happens two new projects are in the planning stages: a new high school and a new township park. The park is intended to be more of a nature park than an athletic field park, so what better place to educate and demonstrate the use of renewable energy and sustainability. There is also a renovation of our main fire station on the drawing board, so let's work on adding some solar energy!

Ending (..on a positive note) - Bob

  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2017

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2017

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