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Best Halloween display ever!

We always enjoyed decorating for Halloween when our neighborhood was young and there were trick-or-treaters at our door.

Tombstones and half buried body forms were standard fare, along with creepy music and stuffed life size monsters on the porch.

With an special eye for Halloween decorations I would have to rank the one I saw today the best ever, for authenticity, novelty and design! (..plus I love motorcycles)

   Sachs dirt bike.. a REAL blast from the past!

Sachs dirt bike.. a REAL blast from the past!


Special effects used to be extra fun too...

The one people still talk about was when I hid in the bushes with a chain saw (minus the chain) and fired it up as the little candy munchkins were leaving our yard... braaap braaap. Fast!

With chainsaw horror movies fresh in kids' minds back then, the mere sound of a chainsaw was all that was needed!

Trick or Treat - Bob

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