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C9's of Christmas Past

Seems it wasn't that long ago that I'd be draping several strings of colorful C9 bulbs around an evergreen tree in our front yard, on any warmer day after Thanksgiving. Extendable poles were needed to lift the lights onto the highest branches. The final light-up typically brought oooh's and aaaah's --- unless the power surge burned-out a fuse.

 Christmas tree at Longwood Gardens with newer C7 size bulbs.

Christmas tree at Longwood Gardens with newer C7 size bulbs.

Those old C9 bulbs consumed 9 watts of electricity... EACH. 

So I find it pretty awesome when a new string of Christmas lights with two hundred LED C3 bulbs only consumes 9 watts of electricity... TOTAL

9.6 watts actually, but let's not split watts! In general terms, replacing an old string of twenty five C9 bulbs with a string of two hundred C3 LED bulbs cuts electric use by over 95-percent!

One of my recently completed Fall projects was replacing the last inefficient light bulbs around the house, before they burned out. This included replacing a half dozen 90 watt floodlight bulbs with LED bulbs that consume 85-percent less electricity, and a dozen 4-foot florescent 40 watt workshop lights with LED bulbs that use 50-percent less electricity and seem much brighter.

These are just a few of the simple things we've done to reduce the increasing toll climate change is taking on people and our planet. It's a further attempt to save the planet for our grandkids and future generations. I hope to share more blogs on this topic in the near future.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


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