Welcome to BOBscaping!

Computer Oldie, Secure Website Newbie

The internet has experienced great change and marvelous growth since I built my first websites 20 years ago. What an amazing evolution, and I'm proud to be part of this vast sharing of information, photos and ideas. It all began with my desire to share what I learned about plants and dirt at Penn State, 20 years before that.


I wasn't a total "newbie" to computers, having graduated from a computer programming tech school prior to that. Most people today wouldn't even recognize an 80-column punch card at the core of that early computer era, when data that now fits on a tiny microchip used to fill a large room.

With computer technology still changing in the blink of an eye, we all remain "newbies" with rapidly outdated devices, software and platforms. While that particular part of this "amazing evolution" doesn't feel comfortable, it is all the same still amazing. Whoever thought we could really own 2-way wrist radios like those in Dick Tracy comics?

And so this personal evolution continues with construction of this secure BOBscaping website. The old "http" website format is no longer in favor, now being shunned for this new "https" secure format using data encryption. That means us old dogs must learn new tricks. Experts say that keeps our brain fresh, so feeling puzzled isn't really as bad as it feels, right?

So join me on this new internet voyage, but please know that I will always say data (day-tah) instead of the newer term data (dat-ah). If nothing else it sounds better to me, and old dogs like to preserve at least a shred of their computer past.  Bob

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