Welcome to BOBscaping!

BOBscaping grows from deep roots!

Amazing how much things have changed with technology, mobile devices, and the internet over the past 20 years, when I first started building the donnan.com website.

Exciting stuff!

Website modifications and new additions have included:

  • Microsoft dropped their support for the FrontPage software I used to build multiple websites.

  • The need to build "mobile friendly" websites that adjust to every possible viewing screen size.

  • The need for secure websites with 'https' instead of the old standard 'http' format.

  • The need for faster loading webpages due to wireless speed and mobile data costs.

  • Addition of the BOBscaping channel on YouTube with 'how to' trimming videos.

  • The addition of a second website at treeboss.net to focus on tree topics.


For those 7 reasons and more, the decision was finally made to consolidate donnan.com and treeboss.net onto one new platform.

No small task!

Due to the huge size of donnan.com (well over 500 web pages) and more than 100 web pages at treeboss.net it will be necessary to eliminate many of those old webpages while focusing on the prime landscaping and gardening topics.


While this herculean task of building BOBscaping.com began in late-2017, it gained serious momentum in January 2018. Transferring 'the best of the best' from those two successful websites onto this new one will take time and dedicated effort, but I look forward to completing this transition over the coming year. As always, additions and improvements to this new website will continue over the following years.


If you find this new website of value (especially without those annoying ads) please contribute a few dollars to this effort through the secure PayPal link. I would also encourage you to send your comments, suggestions and questions through the Contact link.

Thank you for your interest and support.
Let's go for another 20 years!

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