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Clint Eastwood daylilies

I went to see the new Clint Eastwood movie THE MULE at Friday’s opening day matinee. Hard to believe the star who made “Make my day” famous is now 88-years-old, but he has mellowed like a fine wine.

Other than both of us being senior citizens, we shared something else in common from Clint’s latest movie, where he plays Earl Stone — we both grew daylilies. Sure enough, he was portrayed as a daylily breeder and grower. He’s got me on the breeding part, but I sure planted and enjoyed my share of daylilies over the years!

Checking the BOBscaping website this morning, I realized my daylily photos hadn’t been added from my previous website, so they have now been added to this DAYLILY SLIDESHOW webpage.

Bob’s favorites are the orange colors.

Bob’s favorites are the orange colors.

There are also lots of life lessons, as well as great lines in THE MULE, including the joke Earl Stone told the crowd after winning an award for top daylilly at a show: “Why did the horticulturist cross the hotel lobby? To get to the bar.” LOL


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