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Spring Soul

Beautiful Spring blossoms with fragrance!

My recent blog post (Star of the Show) described a Magnolia tree that’s my favorite early-Spring bloomer. Not to be outdone is another Spring favorite, the Saucer Magnolia (Magnolia SOULangeana).


In addition to large purple-pink and white blossoms is its fantastic fragrance. Give it some room to grow and turn your landscape into a Spring showplace!


Another strong point is its deer-resistance. That being said, its Spring blossoms sometimes get nipped by frost, and its Achilles heel is scale if this insect pest is left unchecked.

   Fuzzy buds open to fragrant flowers!

Fuzzy buds open to fragrant flowers!

Most of the Saucer Magnolias available at nurseries today are cultivars (cultivated varieties) such as ‘Jane’ or ‘Betty.’ As an added bonus, the ‘Jane’ Magnolia next to my office window pops-out random blossoms throughout the growing season.


Heavenly fragrances mingle

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