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My “star” Boxwood

The heart of the annual shrub trimming season is upon us here in western Pennsylvania, especially with all the rain pushing shrubs to grow to their full potential. 

My video section has featured one particular ‘Winter Gem’ Boxwood, which has been trimmed using various methods over previous years.


 'Winter Gem' Boxwood

'Winter Gem' Boxwood

Even though last year’s video ‘Boxwood 3-minute trim with power shears’ has over 422,000 views, this year it was time to shear it with hand shears while demonstrating how to lay down tarps for easier clean-up work.

Today is a ‘Code Orange’ air pollution (ozone) day in addition to being a Saturday, so both the environment and neighbors who were still sleeping appreciated the change of pace in my latest video, ‘HOW TO: Easy clean-up trimming on Boxwoods.’

Temperatures are supposed to be extremely high over much of the US in the coming days, so try to do your gardening work early in the morning or wait for cooler days to arrive.

Stay cool -

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