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Daffodil cutting time

It’s especially fun to cut bright colored daffodils for a vase in spring to brighten things up after a long cold winter. Geranium narcissus, one of my favorites, has the added bonus of also being fragrant.

 Geranium narcissus

Geranium narcissus

There’s a second time to "cut daffodils" around the 4th of July, removing the spent foliage this time around.

 Foliage browning near the 4th of July 4th

Foliage browning near the 4th of July 4th

By now, the bulbs have recharged themselves for next season and their foliage has begun to brown. Sometimes the brown foliage will pull-off easily making cutting unnecessary.

All you have to do now is wait for next spring’s bright colors to appear again!


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