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Hamming it up

Joe Hamm hosted the annual Daffodil Show again this year, and I had an opportunity to visit the show yesterday morning.


Saturday had been Joe’s 81st, so I wished him a hardy “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”


It was nice to see everyone, having been 5 years since my last photo stop at the daffodil show. Someone asked me if I grew daffodils, to which I replied that we only have a couple King Alfred (yellow) daffodils in our yard along with my all-time favorite Geranium Narcissus, since they have multiple fragrant flowers on each stem. Great ‘bang for your buck’ so to speak, and nice for cutting to bring into the house each Spring.

Geranium Narcissus with multiple, fragrant flowers on each stem

Geranium Narcissus with multiple, fragrant flowers on each stem

The photo above is a reminder that I need to order some of these bulbs from Joe this fall, as well as a few others to further brighten our home’s Spring landscape. Here’s another one that really caught my eye:


If you would like to order some daffodils, or visit Joe’s daffodil show some Spring, here is Joe Hamm’s contact information:

Joe Hamm
99 Maple Road
Washington PA  15301
(724) 345-3762


Here’s to a beautiful, colorful Spring!

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