Welcome to BOBscaping!

New growth at Bobscaping!

Over the past 21-months, the Bobscaping website has grown in leaps and bounds!

It’s taken hundreds of hours to move the best photos and text from a 20-year-old, well established website —which boasted over 700 web pages— to an entirely new platform. All that “transplanting” work, while also adding fresh material we’ll call “new growth.”


The early results have been impressive, with Bobscaping photo pages being the most popular among visitors —on a website that’s secure and mobile-friendly— two key elements that called for this important transition to a new platform.

Since the Bobscaping channel already had a 9-year presence on YouTube, extending that history to the new domain name bobscaping.com only seemed natural.

125 videos posted on YouTube over the past 9 years, more to come!

125 videos posted on YouTube over the past 9 years, more to come!

Over the past week there has been more “new growth” —including the rebranding of my Pinterest photo site and creating a new presence on Twitter and Instagram.

This website will serve as a base for all of them, with those new social media links appearing at the bottom of each web page. In addition to updates posted on those sites, you will find more detailed posts on this reformatted Bobscaping Blog.

Thanks for your ongoing interest and subscriptions!

Pine pruning time?