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Love this Boxwood

It was probably the whitetail deer epidemic in the suburbs that introduced us to Boxwoods. I say “epidemic” not because I hate deer, but because of their high population numbers (some local townships have developed culling programs to reduce their numbers). When you consider their role carrying deer ticks, which spread Lyme disease, the term “epidemic” applies in additional ways.

‘Winter Gem’ Boxwood is a    fantastic    evergreen shrub!

‘Winter Gem’ Boxwood is a fantastic evergreen shrub!

Over 35 years of landscape contracting in the SW Pennsylvania suburbs, deer browsing damage to landscape plants increased to the point where we would only plant “deer resistant” plants, but as the experts will tell you, during a prolonged winter with extensive snow-cover, deer will eat anything.

I never saw evidence of deer browsing on a Boxwood we planted, and the plant nursery we primarily dealt with always had nice 3-gallon sized ‘Green Velvet’ and ‘Winter Gem’ Boxwoods in stock. ‘Winter Gem’ quickly became my favorite due to its glossy foliage, good winter color, and slightly faster rate of growth. It’s also devoid of that strong, funky “boxwood odor” that makes some Boxwood undesirable.

While Boxwood Blight has become a serious issue in many locales, I haven’t seen any signs of it on the two ‘Winter Gem’ Boxwoods in our home landscape that are stars in these two trimming videos:

2-minute Boxwood trim (newest video)

Boxwood 3-minute trim with power shears (over 650,000 views)


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