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Fertilizing Plants in Mid-summer

July 15th - Hard to believe we’re already halfway through Summer!

Should you still fertilize plants in the northern zones of North America?

Summer Colors

Summer Colors

Which plants should and shouldn’t be fertilized in late Summer?

  • STOP fertilizing your “woody ornamentals.”
    This would include all trees and shrubs growing in the midwest and northeastern United States, as well as southern Canada. The actual cut-off date (for future memory sake) is the 4th of July. Why? Because it is important to give plants time to “harden off” their new growth, well in advance of winter cold.

  • CONTINUE fertilizing your annual flowers.
    At planting time, and the beginning of each summer month, I make a fresh application of slow-release fertilizer granules (Osmocote is my choice). If you happen to use liquid fertilizer instead, continue fertilizing your annuals until they are done for the season. More attention needs to be paid to watering into late summer, as plant demands increase – early morning is my preferred time to water.

  • STOP fertilizing lawns under heat stress in late summer.
    They may actually be dormant anyway. RESUME lawn fertilization in September, which is also the BEST month of the year to plant or renovate a lawn when using grass seed.


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