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‘Wet around the edges’ -- let’s use that idiom to describe how wet it’s been in our western Pennsylvania region.

Considering our area typically gets enough rainfall, then learning we received nearly 2-1/2 times (2.46) our normal July rainfall, the numbers say it all. The TV weatherman said he had water in his basement for the first time.

Our normal Pittsburgh rainfall total, 3 weeks into July, is 2.76 inches. In July 2019 that total is 6.79 inches. And depending on exactly where you live, it could be more.

These excessive amounts of rainfall come on the heels of a very wet 2018, when we received 50% more rain than average.

Mudslide, not the drink

Mudslide, not the drink

Warmer air holds more moisture, setting the stage for an increased number of severe storms. Storms we’re seeing over recent years can dump huge amounts of rain on a very limited area.

For those working outdoors it has become an increasing aggravation. How do landscapers get any soil work done when it’s constantly muddy, and the soil never dries? Grass cutters face perpetually wet grass and soggy lawns to mow. Glad I’m not a landscape contractor any longer!

But muddy boots are only a small problem, a mere indicator of bigger issues like global warming.

We need to slowdown global warming, since it’s not just people living in coastal areas that end up getting flooded. Many houses in our region were built in low-lying areas that are subject to damage from these recurring flash floods.

Hopefully, we can move further away from the use of fossil fuels, and much faster toward the use of renewables like solar and wind. Planet Earth can’t wait any longer.


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