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Remember your Lawn

Hard to believe that what I call summer - June, July, August - is nearing an end. Many people are now planning for a return to school, but what’s the #1 landscaping project homeowners should be considering now?


For multiple reasons presented on my “September is Lawn Month” web page, it’s time to plan for lawn improvement or total renovation, especially if you’re in the “bad lawn” category. Weather conditions are typically the most favorable, or at least that’s the way it used to be, before climate change reshuffled the deck.


There were years when we ‘jumped the gun’ and planted new lawns during the last week of August. It often seems those were the best lawns we ever planted, if they received proper watering. In any case, there is about a 4- to 6-week window for fall lawn seeding in the northern United States and southern Canada.

It’s always a good idea to begin your planning with a soil test since that will provide you with the precise guidelines for improving the existing soil chemistry.

Next, is an analysis of how much thatch you have on your lawn and what the best way to reduce it, if necessary. While a total renovation (down to bare soil) may be called for, core aeration can provide a nice second option.

Finally, you will need to decide on what type of grass seed to plant or overseed your lawn with. The turf-type perennial ryes have gained great favor over recent decades.


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