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Clean solar panels

Our solar panels hadn’t been cleaned since Tesla installed our solar system and powerwall 17-months ago, but that’s not to say we haven’t had enough rainfall to rinse them off regularly.

After watching a few YouTube videos of other solar panel cleaning methods, I decided to try a different way, further modifying my roof rake (used for removing snow from our solar panels in this video) by adding a small dish towel.

Since Dawn dish detergent is well known as a great glass cleaner (by adding a few drops to window washing water) I decided to use that product for cleaning our solar panels.

My preparations for the video went well, except for ending up with a leaky hose — a real pet peeve for this landscaper! I waited until the sun was up, but started early enough to ensure the solar panels were still cool.

There was black dirt on the dish towel after cleaning the first panel, so the cleaning project was definitely a good idea. The solar panels glistened nicely in the sun, later in the day.

Comparing solar energy production later in the morning to the previous day, there may have been a 4-percent increase at most, but some high cirrus clouds made a fair comparison impossible.

For the small investment of time and personal energy spent, this solar panel cleaning project will be repeated again next year.

Let the sun shine in!


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