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Old Growth Forest Destruction

Imagine going into an art museum full of old masterpieces and laying waste to them with a chainsaw. Unthinkable, right? Now imagine those same masterpieces are living, breathing things, the last stalwarts standing tall against climate change. Yesterday’s story in the Seattle Times, B.C.… Continue Reading “Old Growth Forest Destruction”

Are Green Lawns Really Green?

Sometime in the late-70’s we saw the widespread emergence and acceptance of home lawn care featuring “blanket spray” treatments for home lawns, using a steady dose of fertilizer and insecticides. Keeping up with the Joneses next door became the standard. A lush green lawn,… Continue Reading “Are Green Lawns Really Green?”

Finches Return

The “all clear” was sounded at the end of last week for putting birdfeeders back up, so the first to go up was the thistle seed feeder that Finches favor so much, as well as the occasional Chickadee. Last update I read indicated that… Continue Reading “Finches Return”

Birdbath Down

About three weeks ago, we added a new birdbath to our backyard landscape, to help complement the three birdfeeders we added in late winter, when it seemed like the birds deserved some additional food sources, on the tail end of a nasty winter. The… Continue Reading “Birdbath Down”

Environmental Destruction

Cut down all the trees, which helps to promote climate change, eliminate wildlife habitat, increase runoff making flooding worse, toxify millions of gallons of water while making some radioactive, pollute the air with methane and diesel truck fumes to haul-in strip mined frac sand… Continue Reading “Environmental Destruction”

‘Seaspiracy’ Documentary

Wow, talk about an eye-opener! I’ve seen more than my share of videos about the alarming state of Mother Earth when it comes to climate change, but this viral video on Netflix ventures down some new ‘dark alleyways!’ All that plastic polluting our oceans…… Continue Reading “‘Seaspiracy’ Documentary”

The Mighty Oak

Memorable trees for generations of wildlife and people WHITE OAK – Quercus alba Easy to identify due to its finger-like lobed leaves and stately growth. Of particular note is the 400-year-old Wye Oak in Maryland which boasts a trunk diameter of 8 feet and a branch… Continue Reading “The Mighty Oak”

Flower Lovers

Some flower lovers have wings, like this Gold Finch! Chickadees are all over those Magnolia flower buds every Spring too. Bob

Bird Feeder Maintenance

At the end of a brutal winter, we started feeding wild birds again. Prolonged snow cover, not to mention the relentless cold, made it feel like an act of compassion for our feathered friends. It took two trips, and about two hundred dollars or… Continue Reading “Bird Feeder Maintenance”