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Young Voters Going Democrat to Record Degree

According to Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, President of NextGen America, “young voters” are now breaking 3-1 for Democrats. Zachary Shahan reports further in CleanTechnica on November 9, 2022: Young people have historically been more progressive, liberal, and Democratic. The statement from Ramirez is that they… Continue Reading “Young Voters Going Democrat to Record Degree”

Forget the Energy Crisis, it’s the Climate Crisis Stupid!

While he didn’t actually call anyone “stupid” the head of the European Space Agency (ESA) — Director General Josef Aschbacher — made it crystal clear to everyone how serious the climate crisis has become. He would know, since his agency uses six families of… Continue Reading “Forget the Energy Crisis, it’s the Climate Crisis Stupid!”

Losing our Giant Trees

For hundreds and thousands of years, California’s Giant Sequoias and Coast Redwoods survived fires due to their towering height and super thick bark, but Earth’s climate disaster is now proving too much for them. While yesterday’s story by Bruce Melton, Mass Death of Sequoias… Continue Reading “Losing our Giant Trees”

U.S. Senate Passes Climate, Energy Bill; Now on To U.S. House For A Vote

GUEST POST: David E. Hess / PA Environment Digest / August 7, 2022 On August 7, the U.S. Senate passed compromised legislation that would make the largest federal investment– $375 billion– in climate change fighting strategies, including investments in renewable energy production, tax rebates… Continue ReadingU.S. Senate Passes Climate, Energy Bill; Now on To U.S. House For A Vote

An End to US Oil Exports and Offshore Drilling?

Let’s call it the “Joe-Joe Dilemma” — and we aren’t talking cookies. More like “all the marbles.” Blockage of climate action by Senator Joe Machin could now lead to ‘climate emergency’ action taken by President Joe Biden. Things like ending offshore drilling, banning U.S.… Continue Reading “An End to US Oil Exports and Offshore Drilling?”

Climate Change is Dead Serious

Dubbed the “Heat Apocalypse” by a French meteorologist, heat records have now been broken in much of Western Europe, while England recorded its hottest day ever on Tuesday. “Spain and Portugal have seen over 1,000 deaths in the last week attributed to the weather.… Continue Reading “Climate Change is Dead Serious”

‘Time to Wake Up’ Farewell

I’m old enough to remember when saffron-robed Buddhist priests immolated themselves during the Vietnam War years of mass destruction and political corruption. On Earth Day, there was a repeat of that sort of supreme sacrifice by Colorado photojournalist Wynn Alan Bruce, a practicing Buddhist… Continue Reading “‘Time to Wake Up’ Farewell”