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Electric Vehicles Really are Better for the Climate

The average electric vehicle produces less than half the carbon pollution of a gas-powered vehicle, so don’t get fooled by any myths to the contrary. Daisy Simmons reports in Yale Climate Connections on November 6, 2022 You may have heard the myth that electric… Continue Reading “Electric Vehicles Really are Better for the Climate”

News Updates: Electric Vehicles

Recent News Headlines about EV’s 100% Electric Vehicles = 13% Of New Vehicle Sales Globally!Global plugin vehicle registrations were up 51% in September 2022 compared to September 2021, reaching a record 1,040,000 units. This is the first time ever the world reaches one million plugin vehicle… Continue Reading “News Updates: Electric Vehicles”

EU Bans Sale of New Gasoline and Diesel Cars

EU negotiators agreed on a deal for “zero-emission road mobility by 2035″ “The days of the carbon spewing, pollution belching combustion engine are finally numbered.” Julia Poliscanova, T&E’s senior director for vehicles and e-mobility Anmar Frangoul’s CNBC report on October 28, 2022 shares these… Continue Reading “EU Bans Sale of New Gasoline and Diesel Cars”

Learn About the New National EV Infrastructure Grant Program

November 1st Webinar and In-Person Stakeholder Sessions By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | October 12, 2022 On October 12, the Department of Transportation announced resources are now available to help businesses and organizations to prepare in advance of the National… Continue Reading “Learn About the New National EV Infrastructure Grant Program”

Worried About Electric Vehicle Battery Fires?

Chris Teague of AutoWeek points out some interesting facts about vehicle fires. A better way of looking at electric vehicle fires is to compare the number of fires per 100,000 vehicles sold… hybrid vehicles had the most fires per 100,000 sales at 3,474.5 while… Continue Reading “Worried About Electric Vehicle Battery Fires?”

PA Bills Establish Incentives for Fossil-Fuel Vehicles While Eliminating Hybrids and EVs

Senator Gene Yaw of northeastern PA is at it again! Promoting climate changing fossil fuels, while kneecapping renewables. He’s joined by another political shill for the Oil & Gas industry from western PA, Senator Camera Bartolotta. Here’s the latest: Bills Establishing Incentives for Using… Continue Reading “PA Bills Establish Incentives for Fossil-Fuel Vehicles While Eliminating Hybrids and EVs”

VIDEO: Governments Leading by Example

Electrifying Government Fleets Global Clean Energy Action Forum – Pittsburgh, PASeptember 23 • 10:15am – 11:15am NOTE: Video begins at 8:10 minute mark National governments are accelerating the global clean energy transition and leading by example by electrifying their vehicle fleets. Signatory countries to… Continue Reading “VIDEO: Governments Leading by Example”

44-Ton Heavy Duty Electric Trucks

“Volvo Trucks hit another milestone Wednesday, as the heavy-duty truck maker announced its massive 44-ton electric trucks are hitting the production line. With the addition of three of its heaviest electric truck models, Volvo now has a six heavy-duty EV lineup – the largest in… Continue Reading “44-Ton Heavy Duty Electric Trucks”

EV Titles Get Changed to Reflect Fuel Type in PA

Looks like the first step in paying more to drive an Electric Vehicle (EV) in Pennsylvania. The current $39 registration fee could be a thing of the past. The Official Notice, along with a new Title, arrived in the mail Friday: Pennsylvania needs help… Continue Reading “EV Titles Get Changed to Reflect Fuel Type in PA”

Electric Car Batteries Lasting Longer Than Predicted

Battery Longevity Delays Need for Recycling Programs An August 1, 2022 story in Forbes by Carlton Reid sported that headline along with this opening: “Electric cars have sophisticated battery management systems that guard the long-term health of their batteries. Most manufacturers offer battery warranties… Continue Reading “Electric Car Batteries Lasting Longer Than Predicted”

August BOLT Report | Larger Rebates Here for PA Electric Vehicles

Monthly energy analysis for our Chevy Bolt EV GM Report for August 2022: Translated into dollars and cents: We used 190.5 kWh to travel 762 miles. That works out to 4 miles per 1 kWh. As of August 29, 2022: Electricity from our power… Continue Reading “August BOLT Report | Larger Rebates Here for PA Electric Vehicles”

What Does the New Inflation Reduction Act (HR5376) Say About Electric Vehicles?

Here’s some of the verbiage concerning electric vehicles as the US moves forward to address climate change PART 4—CLEAN VEHICLES SEC. 13401. CLEAN VEHICLE CREDIT. (a) PER VEHICLE DOLLAR LIMITATION.—Section 30D(b) is amended by striking paragraphs (2) and (3) and inserting the following:‘‘(2) CRITICAL… Continue Reading “What Does the New Inflation Reduction Act (HR5376) Say About Electric Vehicles?”

Electric Vehicle Savings by the Hundreds

Looking at the latest monthly report from GM on our BOLT EV, we see that it saved us $122 to $290 on fuel over the past 30 days, depending on the comparison… and that’s not counting the free energy from the sun that our… Continue Reading “Electric Vehicle Savings by the Hundreds”

Mail Trucks: An Ideal Use for Electric Vehicles

Mail trucks spend so much time starting, stopping and idling, that building a new mail truck fleet of EV’s makes perfect sense in over 90-percent of the cases. Right now, only 20-percent are planned to be built as EV’s. The old mail trucks still… Continue Reading “Mail Trucks: An Ideal Use for Electric Vehicles”

Goodbye Gas Stations!

One of the beauties of driving an electric vehicle (EV) is driving past gas stations without stopping, and filling up with electricity at home! Since I just got my Energy Efficiency report from MyChevy on our 2019 Bolt, I thought it would be a… Continue Reading “Goodbye Gas Stations!”

Home Solar Energy Update

Solar energy provided 44% of our home electricity AND car charging needs during the month of November 2021. TESLA APP SCREEN SHOTS – SOLAR PANEL PRODUCTION FROM 8.97kW SYSTEM(left) 5.67kW solar system on Front roof (right) 3.3kW solar system on Back roof Home solar energy… Continue Reading “Home Solar Energy Update”

All Charged Up

Winter cold will reduce an EV’s maximum charge level, on a lithium-ion battery, by as much as 15-percent. Screen shots above: BOLT FULL CHARGE LEVELS(left) Warmer December 22, 2021 232 miles vs. (right) Colder January 12, 2022 199 miles Lessons Learned driving an electric… Continue Reading “All Charged Up”

Renewable Energy News

Breaking news on solar energy, wind power, geothermal, tidal energy and other sources of renewable energy. CleanTechnica – “CleanTechnica is the world’s #1 source for cleantech news and analysis. It entertains and informs approximately 6 million monthly global readers along with hundreds of thousands of social media followers.… Continue Reading “Renewable Energy News”

Going Solar With Large Trees

When we first landscaped our house, nearly 40 years ago, we made sure to plant a large growing Maple on the west side. That planting location came very close to the concept of planting a large deciduous tree on the southwest side of a… Continue Reading “Going Solar With Large Trees”

Savings and Savings

A recent blog by Barry Kresch, of the EV Club of Connecticut, had this catchy headline: “Tesla Police Vehicle Saves Westport Tens of Thousands of Dollars.” Big Oil doesn’t want to read this story! According to a detailed analysis, the Tesla Model 3 not… Continue Reading “Savings and Savings”

March Gladness

After two terrible months for rooftop solar energy production, it was great to see a $7.29 electric bill for March. On top of frequent and persistent snowfalls keeping our front 18 solar panels covered with snow for the first two months of 2021, solar… Continue Reading “March Gladness”