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Vaxed to the Max

Last night’s evening news reported that 73% of new Covid cases are the super-fast moving Omicron variant. It was only 3% one week ago! Someone sent me this image recently, which basically speaks for itself: Bob More: Omicron Variant: What You Need to Know… Continue Reading “Vaxed to the Max”

Honoring veterans who marched before and after me

I do appreciate the occasional “Thank you” for having served in Vietnam. But those platitudes are often muted, since I was an unwilling participant in that war. Drafted you see, and at the age of 19, war was the last thing I wanted to… Continue Reading “Honoring veterans who marched before and after me”

Compressor Stations

The progression of Marcellus Shale oil and gas development, processing, and export in western Pennsylvania has gone like this: 1. Seismic Surveys – Widespread exploration began with seismic surveys, that used “thumper trucks” and shot holes with explosive charges, to determine what the underground… Continue Reading “Compressor Stations”

Code Orange Doubleheader

The weather is playing a doubleheader in the Pittsburgh region this weekend, with Sunday being the second of back- to- back CODE ORANGE weather alerts. Code Orange days cause problems for young children, the elderly, and those with respiratory issues like asthma, emphysema, and… Continue Reading “Code Orange Doubleheader”

Republicans Love Fracking

A group of environmental reporters, recently polled Pennsylvania legislators, for their reactions on the results of some disturbing health studies, both past and present, regarding those citizens who live in close proximity to unconventional oil and gas well drilling and fracking, primarily in southwestern… Continue Reading “Republicans Love Fracking”

Hunger Games Death Match

Have you competed in the Covid-19 vaccine scheduling game yet? After some friends and neighbors were successful getting their first Covid-19 vaccinations, it was time to “up” our competition level in this vaccination reality game. My injections were already scheduled in a normal fashion,… Continue Reading “Hunger Games Death Match”

Ignoring Gas Patch Kids

School children are ‘Danger Close’ in Burgettstown, Pa. (Republished blog from November 5, 2019) It’s jaw-dropping to see how much infrastructure has been built by the natural gas industry over the past 15 years, all since the first Marcellus Shale well was fracked in… Continue Reading “Ignoring Gas Patch Kids”

Health Jury: Ban Fracking

“If these health effects are not due to fracking, what has changed, we couldn’t think of anything else.” Dr. Brian Schwartz (Republished blog from November 24, 2019) Over the course of several years, I’ve heard Dr. Schwartz speak at the Shale and Public Health… Continue Reading “Health Jury: Ban Fracking”