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Pennsylvania’s Impact Fee is ‘Chump Change’

If you take a look at how much Texas nets from its severance tax on oil and gas production, you realize how badly Pennsylvanians are getting screwed with mere ‘chump change’ impact fees. There have been multiple efforts over the years, the latest by… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania’s Impact Fee is ‘Chump Change’”


“A storm like this would have been exceptionally rare 20 or 50 years ago, but we have to start thinking about it becoming the norm as the climate warms.” Tripti Bhattacharya, Syracuse University Hurricane Ida put a new emphasis on climate change, and why… Continue Reading “Flooding”

Top YouTube Videos

My ‘Top 7’ videos (out of 165) in 11 years as a ‘YouTuber’ 1. Draining excess water from a lawn (1 million views) 2. Boxwood 3-minute trim with power shears (987K views) 3. HOW TO: Build a Timber Wall (915K views) 4. HOW TO:… Continue Reading “Top YouTube Videos”

BEWARE of Poison Hemlock

Poison Hemlock has already sprouted this Spring You may remember the story about Socrates drinking a cup of Poison Hemlock. Yup, same deadly stuff! Just coming into contact with it can cause you problems. More details about POISON HEMLOCK – Conium maculatum: Brought to… Continue Reading “BEWARE of Poison Hemlock”