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Environmental Health in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Dr. Oz flip-flopped on the fracking issue in Pennsylvania. Is he now ignoring his health education and medical knowledge, just to garner votes? Kristina Marusic of Environmental Health News posted an excellent guide October 24, 2022 on the unique environmental health challenges facing Pittsburgh… Continue Reading “Environmental Health in Southwestern Pennsylvania”

LNG ‘Traffic Jam’ Limits European Imports

“Exceptional Situation” has dozens of ships carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) circling off the coasts of Spain An October 17, 2022 story by Marwa Rashad and Belén Carreño from Reuters tells of the sort of snafu that results when LNG shipping supply exceeds storage… Continue Reading “LNG ‘Traffic Jam’ Limits European Imports”

FLARING: Where ‘Cancer is Rife’

Definition of ‘Rife’ – In widespread existence, practice, or use; increasingly prevalent. An October 1, 2022 BBC story by Jess Kelly, Owen Pinnell & Esme Stallard paints the dark reality facing children and their parents around the oilfields in Iraq. That reality is more poignantly displayed in a video that shows… Continue Reading “FLARING: Where ‘Cancer is Rife’”

Justification for More Robust Gas Leak Prevention Programs

Study: Industry Data Shows Hazardous Air Pollutants Are ‘Ubiquitous’ in the Natural Gas Transmission System By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | September 21, 2022 (Note: Photos and quotes have been added to the original blog) In the first peer-reviewed study… Continue Reading “Justification for More Robust Gas Leak Prevention Programs”

Pipelines & Powerlines: The Joe Manchin ‘Side Deal’

Permitting reforms would benefit the nearly completed Mountain Valley Pipeline to move fracked gas from Manchin’s home state of West Virginia to Eastern seaboard states. VOX explains previous deal making in a September 13, 2022 story: This summer, he [Manchin] struck a deal with Senate… Continue Reading “Pipelines & Powerlines: The Joe Manchin ‘Side Deal’”

PENNSYLVANIA: Penn LNG Export Terminal Proposal

Pennsylvania LNG Export Terminal in Talks to Commercialize Project An August 31, 2022 story by Jamison Cocklin of NGI shared the latest news: An East Coast LNG export terminal that would tap into vast amounts of feed gas from the Appalachian Basin is aiming… Continue Reading “PENNSYLVANIA: Penn LNG Export Terminal Proposal”

Biden administration denies Cheniere’s request to sidestep LNG pollution rule

The September 7, 2022 Reuters story by Valerie Volcovici and Nichola Groom reported an end to the 18-year hazardous pollution rule exemption for turbines at two of Cheniere’s Gulf Coast LNG terminals. Gas turbine owners had until September 5th to comply with NESHAP (National Emission… Continue Reading “Biden administration denies Cheniere’s request to sidestep LNG pollution rule”

Pennsylvania man whose life was destroyed by fracking urges Irish Government to block Shannon LNG

‘We never had cancer or anything like that before, and in one year, we had over 13 people diagnosed with cancer… all within a mile of my house’ Those were the headlines written by reporter Shauna Corr in an August 8, 2022 story and… Continue ReadingPennsylvania man whose life was destroyed by fracking urges Irish Government to block Shannon LNG

An End to US Oil Exports and Offshore Drilling?

Let’s call it the “Joe-Joe Dilemma” — and we aren’t talking cookies. More like “all the marbles.” Blockage of climate action by Senator Joe Machin could now lead to ‘climate emergency’ action taken by President Joe Biden. Things like ending offshore drilling, banning U.S.… Continue Reading “An End to US Oil Exports and Offshore Drilling?”

Bottom of the LNG Chain – Independence from Meaningful Taxes

One of the major U.S. hubs for LNG processing, storage and pipeline transportation is located at the center of Marcellus Shale country in western Pennsylvania near Houston, Washington County, Pennsylvania. The hub began with the construction of MarkWest’s cryogenic gas plant, which also includes… Continue Reading “Bottom of the LNG Chain – Independence from Meaningful Taxes”

LNG Export Outage Helping US Prices

The June 8, 2022 explosion and fire at the FREEPORT LNG export terminal in Quintana, Texas, dropped the Henry Hub commodity price for natural gas, from $9.34 two days before the incident to $7.26 a week later, a huge 23% price drop. Conversely, LNG… Continue Reading “LNG Export Outage Helping US Prices”

Unleashing the American LNG ‘Trojan Horse’

While the CEO of the largest US shale gas producer keeps talking about “unleashing” Marcellus Shale natural gas, and more specifically, it’s condensed liquid form, LNG, we’re suddenly snapped back to its radioactive realities. Reporter JUSTIN NOBEL spelled it out in his June 9,… Continue Reading “Unleashing the American LNG ‘Trojan Horse’”