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FLARING: Where ‘Cancer is Rife’

Definition of ‘Rife’ – In widespread existence, practice, or use; increasingly prevalent. An October 1, 2022 BBC story by Jess Kelly, Owen Pinnell & Esme Stallard paints the dark reality facing children and their parents around the oilfields in Iraq. That reality is more poignantly displayed in a video that shows… Continue Reading “FLARING: Where ‘Cancer is Rife’”

Justification for More Robust Gas Leak Prevention Programs

Study: Industry Data Shows Hazardous Air Pollutants Are ‘Ubiquitous’ in the Natural Gas Transmission System By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | September 21, 2022 (Note: Photos and quotes have been added to the original blog) In the first peer-reviewed study… Continue Reading “Justification for More Robust Gas Leak Prevention Programs”

Pipelines & Powerlines: The Joe Manchin ‘Side Deal’

Permitting reforms would benefit the nearly completed Mountain Valley Pipeline to move fracked gas from Manchin’s home state of West Virginia to Eastern seaboard states. VOX explains previous deal making in a September 13, 2022 story: This summer, he [Manchin] struck a deal with Senate… Continue Reading “Pipelines & Powerlines: The Joe Manchin ‘Side Deal’”

ROUND 2: West Virginia Forced Pooling Law Fight

Bethany WV residents continue their fight against new forced pooling law In the September 10, 2022 blog, WEST VIRGINIA: Federal Court Throws Out ‘Forced Pooling’ Lawsuit, we saw where a lawsuit seeking to stop West Virginia’s new natural gas unitization law was ruled invalid.… Continue Reading “ROUND 2: West Virginia Forced Pooling Law Fight”

Blue Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Hype

Hydrogen and carbon capture talk visits Pittsburgh during the Global Clean Energy Action Forum. The Infrastructure Act’s provision of  $8 billion in subsidies for four hydrogen hubs has set off a race among fossil fuel states to position themselves as the leaders for blue hydrogen and CCUS technologies. … Continue Reading “Blue Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Hype”

PENNSYLVANIA: Penn LNG Export Terminal Proposal

Pennsylvania LNG Export Terminal in Talks to Commercialize Project An August 31, 2022 story by Jamison Cocklin of NGI shared the latest news: An East Coast LNG export terminal that would tap into vast amounts of feed gas from the Appalachian Basin is aiming… Continue Reading “PENNSYLVANIA: Penn LNG Export Terminal Proposal”

Biden administration denies Cheniere’s request to sidestep LNG pollution rule

The September 7, 2022 Reuters story by Valerie Volcovici and Nichola Groom reported an end to the 18-year hazardous pollution rule exemption for turbines at two of Cheniere’s Gulf Coast LNG terminals. Gas turbine owners had until September 5th to comply with NESHAP (National Emission… Continue Reading “Biden administration denies Cheniere’s request to sidestep LNG pollution rule”

Photos of Fracking in the ‘Early Years’

New! Photo gallery of drilling and hydraulic fracturing the Marcellus Shale in 2010 and 2011 can be found here. Sample photo:

EXCLUSIVE: The Story Behind ‘Fracked Water Wells’ in Dimock PA

In this newly released 41-minute video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the turmoil and travesty of those ‘Dimocked’ by shale gas production, and the 9 square mile area of Pennsylvania that was once banned from further fracking. Hear about the shortcomings of state… Continue Reading “EXCLUSIVE: The Story Behind ‘Fracked Water Wells’ in Dimock PA”

DEP Declares Drought Watch for 36 Pennsylvania Counties

DEP Asks for Voluntary Water Conservation for First Time Since 2020 On August 31, the Department of Environmental Protection announced the Commonwealth Drought Task Force has declared a drought watch for 36 counties and asks for voluntary water conservation in those counties. The following… Continue Reading “DEP Declares Drought Watch for 36 Pennsylvania Counties”

Thrills & Spills

Due to all the oil and gas drilling violations in Pennsylvania, someone once said, “If they’re drilling they’re spilling.” This latest report from the former head of the Pennsylvania DEP, David E. Hess, brings us up to date: 16 Oil & Gas Facility Spill,… Continue Reading “Thrills & Spills”

Frac Out in Greene County PA

Western Pennsylvania is like ‘Swiss Cheese’ when you consider all the coal mines and oil/gas wells drilled over past centuries. Unfortunately, thousands of wells were never properly plugged, providing open conduits to the surface when newer Marcellus Shale wells are hydraulically fractured (fracked) under… Continue Reading “Frac Out in Greene County PA”

Fracking Public Health and Policy in Pennsylvania

Yesterday, Pennsylvania Senators Katie Muth and Jim Brewster hosted a public hearing in Monroeville, PA: “Pennsylvania’s Shale Gas Boom: How Policy Decisions Failed to Protect Public Health and What We Can Do to Correct It.” Watch the 2 hour and 44 minute hearing video… Continue Reading “Fracking Public Health and Policy in Pennsylvania”

All Hail Marcellus Shale

Robert Donnan ©2009 Enter the darkness, in the ground,Frack it, attack it, damn that sound!Gas to be drilled, big money found,Spewing secret chemicals all around.  Steal the water, from the fish,Pump it, pipe it, spot the dish.Secret formula? Aw tish-tish,Resolve it later, don’t we wish!  Will… Continue Reading “All Hail Marcellus Shale”

The ‘Un-Natural Gas’ Radioactive Waste Stream

A well-written and researched story by Justin Nobel was published yesterday on DeSmog: ‘This Needs to Be Fixed’: Nuclear Expert Calls Radioactivity Levels Found Outside Ohio Oilfield Waste Facility ‘Excessive’. Justin’s MUST READ story is about a facility in Martins Ferry, Ohio, that processes… Continue Reading “The ‘Un-Natural Gas’ Radioactive Waste Stream”

Birds Eye View of Pennsylvania Gas Production

You really need this sort of birds eye view to fully realize the widespread oil and gas development that’s taken place in western Pennsylvania since 2004, when the first Marcellus Shale gas well was drilled in Westland, Mount Pleasant Township, Pennsylvania, followed by more… Continue Reading “Birds Eye View of Pennsylvania Gas Production”

Marcellus Shale Land Grab

There’s been some squawking lately about the prospect of some proposed, large scale solar farms, eating up too much farm land in Pennsylvania. One article made reference to one-percent of the farm land in Lawrence County, Pa as being a large amount for a… Continue Reading “Marcellus Shale Land Grab”