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Home Utility Price Spikes in 2021-2022

Rising trendlines for natural gas and electricity prices matched rising natural gas commodity prices over the same 24 month period. I did a month-by-month analysis of the past two years, to see what influence rising natural gas prices had on our home gas and… Continue Reading “Home Utility Price Spikes in 2021-2022”

The Sky is Falling (actually commodity prices for methane gas)

Matthew Fox of Business Insider writes in a story on January 22, 2023, Natural gas prices have crashed 50% in less than a month, and now an energy CEO is ringing the alarm Natural gas prices have plunged over the past month as an… Continue Reading “The Sky is Falling (actually commodity prices for methane gas)”

Natural Gas Prices Crashing

The natural gas commodity price dropped to $4.48 on January 1st, 2023, forecasting good news for US gas consumers! Source: No Fireworks for Natural Gas Futures as February Slips Further; Permian Cash at Record Lows December 30, 2022 – Natural gas winter futures… Continue Reading “Natural Gas Prices Crashing”

Residential Gas Prices over the Marcellus Shale

We continue to experience natural gas price increases in Pennsylvania, partly due to increased LNG exports, even though we sit above the Marcellus Shale, and reside in one of the most heavily fracked counties in Pennsylvania. Below is a chart comparing prices year-over-year, from… Continue Reading “Residential Gas Prices over the Marcellus Shale”

Hybrid HVAC with Solar Energy and an EV

Our home electric and gas utility bills arrived in late October. Total: $38.67 Image: Electric bills for 12 month period = $290.44$24.20 average per month includes EV charging It’s been over a year since we upgraded our home heating and cooling system from an… Continue Reading “Hybrid HVAC with Solar Energy and an EV”

Explainer: Why US Natural Gas Prices Have Soared

There are four things to take into consideration. “The primary reason natural gas was at $2/MMBtu two years ago is that the 2019-2020 winter was one of the warmest on record. That meant that we exited the winter with natural gas storage levels at… Continue Reading “Explainer: Why US Natural Gas Prices Have Soared”

Pipelines & Powerlines: The Joe Manchin ‘Side Deal’

Permitting reforms would benefit the nearly completed Mountain Valley Pipeline to move fracked gas from Manchin’s home state of West Virginia to Eastern seaboard states. VOX explains previous deal making in a September 13, 2022 story: This summer, he [Manchin] struck a deal with Senate… Continue Reading “Pipelines & Powerlines: The Joe Manchin ‘Side Deal’”

Susquehanna County Gas Company Raising Rates 33.2% Even Though County is Top Gas Producer

Explainer: So Why Does A Susquehanna County Gas Company Have To Raise Rates 33.2% When Susquehanna County Is The #1 Shale Gas Producer In PA? By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest | September 9, 2022 On September 19, the Public Utility Commission is holding… Continue Reading “Susquehanna County Gas Company Raising Rates 33.2% Even Though County is Top Gas Producer”