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Duquesne Light Commits to New PA Solar Farm

7,000 Pittsburgh area homes to be powered by solar energy On September 28, 2022, An-Li Herring reports on WESA 90.5 “Duquesne Light Co. announced Monday that the Pennsylvania Utility Commission approved its 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Pine Gate Renewables. As part of… Continue Reading “Duquesne Light Commits to New PA Solar Farm”

Blue Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Hype

Hydrogen and carbon capture talk visits Pittsburgh during the Global Clean Energy Action Forum. The Infrastructure Act’s provision of  $8 billion in subsidies for four hydrogen hubs has set off a race among fossil fuel states to position themselves as the leaders for blue hydrogen and CCUS technologies. … Continue Reading “Blue Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Hype”

New Allegheny County PA Sustainability Report Provides Overview of Efforts Since 2009

Expanded report also provides a historical overview of efforts since 2009 when the first Sustainability Manager was hired By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | September 1, 2022 On August 31, the Allegheny County Office of Sustainability issued the 2022 Allegheny… Continue Reading “New Allegheny County PA Sustainability Report Provides Overview of Efforts Since 2009”

STUDY: Fossil Fuel Pollution Likely Accelerates Lung Cancer

September 10, 2022 news headlines spelled it out: “The latest work unveils this mechanism through a series of meticulous experiments showing that cells carrying dormant mutations can turn cancerous when exposed to PM2.5 particles. The pollutant is the equivalent of the ignition spark on… Continue Reading “STUDY: Fossil Fuel Pollution Likely Accelerates Lung Cancer”

URBAN FORESTS: Hot Paris vs. Cool Pittsburgh

A Reuters story by Manuel Ausloos yesterday, Heatwave in Paris exposes city’s lack of trees, caught my attention since it mentioned increasing heat from climate change along with the importance of city trees. As a third heatwave baked France this week, the heat radiating… Continue Reading “URBAN FORESTS: Hot Paris vs. Cool Pittsburgh”

Doctors Report: When Shell Cracker Plant Opens Soon

In a new YouTube video, two local doctors ‘spell it out’ for those wondering about all the air pollution that will be generated by the new Shell Cracker Plant in Monaca, PA, and what to expect in: “Eyes on Shell Watchdog Meeting – July… Continue Reading “Doctors Report: When Shell Cracker Plant Opens Soon”

‘Protect Our Parks’ in Allegheny County, PA

Allegheny County Council held a public hearing June 9, 2022 on legislation to prevent the leasing of additional county parks for gas production activities, following the non-surface oil and gas lease signed in October 2014 for Deer Lakes Park, to allow hydraulic fracturing under… Continue Reading “‘Protect Our Parks’ in Allegheny County, PA”

Pittsburgh Meets Nurdles Following Train Derailment

It was only a matter of time before plastic nurdles began polluting Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers, but we didn’t think it would happen prior to the grand opening of Shell’s Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex in Monaca, Beaver County, PA, where they will make trillions of nurdles… Continue Reading “Pittsburgh Meets Nurdles Following Train Derailment”

Landscaping the Miniature Railroad & Village

An inside look with NEXT PITTSBURGH at the fantastic model railroad display at the Carnegie Science Center on Pittsburgh’s North Shore: Link:

2021 RGGI Annual Report

Pennsylvania is on track to fully participate in ‘Reggie’ if GOP lawsuits, or the November 8, 2022 gubernatorial election, doesn’t derail the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. “This regulation has the support of businesses and residents, and will save lives… Continue Reading “2021 RGGI Annual Report”

‘The Power of Big Oil: Part 3 – Delay’

In addition to a tornado warning —that had us eating supper in our basement at 6:00PM Tuesday evening— the third segment of this PBS Frontline documentary aired later that same evening. I recognized a couple powerful allies in the oil & gas air pollution… Continue Reading “‘The Power of Big Oil: Part 3 – Delay’”

Stunning Spring Beauty

While the thermometer says winter, don’t tell these flowering cherry trees in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, that it’s not Spring! Thinking Spring!Bob

Spring Flower Show

We toured the new Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens ‘CANOPY OF COLOR’ spring flower show on Saturday. Here’s a short video featuring some of the flowers, we really loved that yellow and black Pansy, as well as our all-time favorite: the garden railroad! More:… Continue Reading “Spring Flower Show”