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No One Worries about Energy Bills in One Tiny German Town

In a September 29, 2022 story by Frank Jordans tells how Feldheim, Germany, about 90-minutes south of Berlin, has been energy self-sufficient for more than a decade. A bold experiment launched in the mid-1990s saw Feldheim erect a handful of wind turbines to provide… Continue Reading “No One Worries about Energy Bills in One Tiny German Town”

Massive Wind-Solar-Battery Power Plant in Oregon

A small town in Oregon has just commissioned a utility-scale, renewable-energy, ‘hybrid’ plant — the first of its kind in North America — combining solar power, wind power and massive batteries to store the energy generated. Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facilities (PDF Source)

PA Catches Up in National Rankings for School Solar

G.E.T. Solar Energy Help Now; Avoid Natural Gas Price Spikes By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | September 26, 2022 According to a new national report on schools’ adoption of solar published last week by nonprofit Generation180, Pennsylvania ranked 11th in… Continue Reading “PA Catches Up in National Rankings for School Solar”

PA DCNR Announces All Electricity Used by Agency from Renewables by 2030

On September 21, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn announced DCNR will produce or purchase 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | September 21, 2022 (Note: Images… Continue Reading “PA DCNR Announces All Electricity Used by Agency from Renewables by 2030”

US Residential Energy Storage had its Strongest Quarter to Date

Demand is rising in the residential segment as solar installers continue to add storage to their product offerings. The U.S. market installed over 2,608 MWh of energy storage capacity in the second quarter of 2022. KELLY PICKEREL | SOLAR POWER WORLD | SEP 14,… Continue Reading “US Residential Energy Storage had its Strongest Quarter to Date”

HYDRO: More Ocean Power Needed

The heat and drought affecting many global locations has cut into renewable energy produced by hydroelectric sources, increasing the demand for coal as a replacement. While we often think of solar and wind as being the leading forms of renewable energy, it’s actually hydro… Continue Reading “HYDRO: More Ocean Power Needed”

‘Landmark’ climate law turns up the power on Pa. solar, wind, hydropower energy projects

Today’s story by Laura Legere in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette trumpets “Green energy is bracing for growth.” Solar, wind, hydropower and energy storage industries are major beneficiaries of the Inflation Reduction Act, which analysts expect will cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030 from… Continue Reading “‘Landmark’ climate law turns up the power on Pa. solar, wind, hydropower energy projects”

PENNSYLVANIA: Erie 2030 District Achieves $4.6 Million In Energy Savings

Achieved a 22.4% Decline in Energy Use; 14.6% Decline in Carbon Emissions by David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest Blog | August 31, 2022 On August 30, the Erie 2030 District, a group comprising 17 Erie area property partners representing 130 buildings and… Continue Reading “PENNSYLVANIA: Erie 2030 District Achieves $4.6 Million In Energy Savings”

Renewable Energy Sources Provided over One-Quarter of US Electrical Generation in the First Half of 2022

WIND ACCOUNTED FOR ALMOST 12% OF TOTAL OUTPUT; SOLAR HAS NOW SURPASSED 5%    UP BY NEARLY A FIFTH SINCE LAST YEAR, RENEWABLES MAY BE ON TRACK TO SURPASS EIA’S FORECAST FOR THE YEAR  Brief News Update & Analysis   SUN DAY CAMPAIGN 6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite #340; Takoma… Continue Reading “Renewable Energy Sources Provided over One-Quarter of US Electrical Generation in the First Half of 2022”

GOOD NEWS: U.S. Action on Climate Change is Close

In this latest episode of ‘shock and awe’ we learn that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III has changed his mind. The $369 billion climate and tax package forged in a surprise deal by Senate Democrats on Wednesday would be the most ambitious action ever taken… Continue Reading “GOOD NEWS: U.S. Action on Climate Change is Close”

An End to US Oil Exports and Offshore Drilling?

Let’s call it the “Joe-Joe Dilemma” — and we aren’t talking cookies. More like “all the marbles.” Blockage of climate action by Senator Joe Machin could now lead to ‘climate emergency’ action taken by President Joe Biden. Things like ending offshore drilling, banning U.S.… Continue Reading “An End to US Oil Exports and Offshore Drilling?”

Washington County Comprehensive Plan

Washington County, Pennsylvania wants to hear from county residents on their new Comprehensive Plan, last adopted in 2005. The updated plan is being developed with an advisory committee and stakeholder/public input. The final plan will be adopted in Fall 2022. Take the short Public… Continue Reading “Washington County Comprehensive Plan”

Goodbye Gas Stations!

One of the beauties of driving an electric vehicle (EV) is driving past gas stations without stopping, and filling up with electricity at home! Since I just got my Energy Efficiency report from MyChevy on our 2019 Bolt, I thought it would be a… Continue Reading “Goodbye Gas Stations!”

Clarion call for renewables NOW

The invasion of Ukraine, a dastardly war which has caused 2 million Ukrainians to leave their homeland, and brings heart wrenching news of residential areas –even a maternity hospital yesterday– being bombed and shelled by Russia, is a clarion call to break our addiction… Continue Reading “Clarion call for renewables NOW”

Home Solar Energy Update

Solar energy provided 44% of our home electricity AND car charging needs during the month of November 2021. TESLA APP SCREEN SHOTS – SOLAR PANEL PRODUCTION FROM 8.97kW SYSTEM(left) 5.67kW solar system on Front roof (right) 3.3kW solar system on Back roof Home solar energy… Continue Reading “Home Solar Energy Update”

Solar Energy from Greenhouses

Considering all the greenhouses that have to use shade cloth to reduce the intensity of sunshine, semi-transparent solar modules would be a win-win! “Researchers at the University of Jaén in Spain have looked at the potential of agrivoltaics for greenhouses in areas with high crop cultivation in greenhouses. They have… Continue Reading “Solar Energy from Greenhouses”

Sunny Outlook for Solar

At the end of an article about the increased use of coal yesterday, I noticed a comment from a familiar and anonymous name… a troll who has continually spewed lies and misinformation in multiple newspapers over the years, making feeble attempts to support fossil… Continue Reading “Sunny Outlook for Solar”

Renewable Energy News

Breaking news on solar energy, wind power, geothermal, tidal energy and other sources of renewable energy. CleanTechnica – “CleanTechnica is the world’s #1 source for cleantech news and analysis. It entertains and informs approximately 6 million monthly global readers along with hundreds of thousands of social media followers.… Continue Reading “Renewable Energy News”

One Step Forward

In a hard-fought bid to make Pennsylvania the first major fossil fuel state to adopt a carbon pricing policy, Governor Tom Wolf’s plan to fight climate change passed its last regulatory hurdle yesterday with the IRRC (Independent Regulatory Review Commission). The 3-2 party-line vote… Continue Reading “One Step Forward”

Five Dollar Electric Bill

While that sounds good, especially with heavy air conditioning use during humid 90-degree weather, it’s even better than that! We were finally able to do a full 12-month “look back” at our cost savings with solar energy, since upping our game to 29 solar… Continue Reading “Five Dollar Electric Bill”

Household Battery Backup

When we added the first eleven solar panels to our roof three years ago, we also added a Tesla Powerwall 2 (lithium- ion) backup battery (rated at 14 kWh) to the mix. The greatest advantage to me, is the ability of our house to… Continue Reading “Household Battery Backup”

Solar Energy In The Rain

It’s hard to believe that you can get a sunburn on a cloudy day, even though it’s true. Even harder to believe, is that you can produce solar energy on a rainy morning, but that’s also true! That’s right, even though it rained all… Continue Reading “Solar Energy In The Rain”

Going Solar With Large Trees

When we first landscaped our house, nearly 40 years ago, we made sure to plant a large growing Maple on the west side. That planting location came very close to the concept of planting a large deciduous tree on the southwest side of a… Continue Reading “Going Solar With Large Trees”

March Gladness

After two terrible months for rooftop solar energy production, it was great to see a $7.29 electric bill for March. On top of frequent and persistent snowfalls keeping our front 18 solar panels covered with snow for the first two months of 2021, solar… Continue Reading “March Gladness”

Flower Power

This solar energy “flower” fascinated me the first time I saw it! It gives true meaning to the term “flower power!” The first time we saw it was on the way into a Christmas concert at Trinity High School in Washington, Pennsylvania. The solar… Continue Reading “Flower Power”

Texas Wind Turbines

Some Texas politicians tried to falsely blame wind energy for their major power outage Since the weekend, weather news has been primarily focused on Texas, due to power outages caused by the unusual February ice, snow and cold that has gripped large parts of… Continue Reading “Texas Wind Turbines”

‘Free Energy’ from the Sun Keeps Getting Cheaper

99.99% Price Drop! From $76 per watt in 1977, the cost of silicon solar cells has fallen to $0.20 per watt in 2020 (full story) With the recent 2-year extension of the US Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for installing residential solar systems, your reasons… Continue Reading “‘Free Energy’ from the Sun Keeps Getting Cheaper”