Category: Safety

Massive Leak at Gas Storage Area in Western PA

The Rager Mountain Gas Storage Area leak in Cambria County is proving difficult to stop, while bringing worrisome comparisons to the Aliso Canyon and Powhatan Point incidents, where huge volumes of methane reached the atmosphere. Methane is a highly potent greenhouse gas that contributes… Continue Reading “Massive Leak at Gas Storage Area in Western PA”

Widowmakers in Peterswood Park

Apparently, Peters Township doesn’t have enough money budgeted to remove hazardous ‘widowmaker’ trees from their Bebout Road community park in Venetia, Pa since some of these dead trees have been standing for a few years, despite citizens’ repeated safety concerns to Peters Township Council.… Continue Reading “Widowmakers in Peterswood Park”

BEWARE of Poison Hemlock

Poison Hemlock has already sprouted this Spring (This blog was originally posted last year, but it’s worth repeating!) You may remember the story about Socrates drinking a cup of Poison Hemlock. Yup, same deadly stuff! Just coming into contact with it can cause you… Continue Reading “BEWARE of Poison Hemlock”

Dangerous Deer Tick Virus

DTV has been detected in a total of 15 Pennsylvania counties Last year was the first time I found a deer tick embedded in my skin. Talk about raising your awareness level! Fortunately, I found it early on, and tested negative for Lyme disease.… Continue Reading “Dangerous Deer Tick Virus”