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Solar Energy on Rainy Days

While solar energy production drops on rainy days, that doesn’t mean solar panels quit producing altogether. Let’s take a look at rooftop solar production over the past couple rainy days… THURSDAY MARCH 23, 2023: 9.6 kWh FRIDAY MARCH 24, 2023: 6.5 kWh Compared to… Continue Reading “Solar Energy on Rainy Days”

First Day of Spring Delivers Highest Solar Production of 2023

Monday’s blue skies and cool temperatures resulted in our best energy production yet for 2023! Total solar energy production for the day was 42.7 kWh Out of that amount, nearly half (20 kWh) was sent to the grid. With net metering, those excess kilowatt… Continue Reading “First Day of Spring Delivers Highest Solar Production of 2023”

Next Power Outage

This story caught my eye a few days ago:  Tesla has a home battery to sell you, with or without solar Tesla said this week that it’s now selling Powerwalls separately “in select US markets.” The company hasn’t put out an official list of… Continue Reading “Next Power Outage”

Pennsylvania’s clean energy sector one of the fastest growing in the United States

2021 proved yet again that clean energy is a key driver for Pennsylvania’s overall economic success and long-term growth. Pennsylvania’s clean energy sector was one of the fastest growing in the nation, propelling the Commonwealth into the top 10 of states with the most… Continue Reading “Pennsylvania’s clean energy sector one of the fastest growing in the United States”

Sunnier Days are here Again!

March has brought a continuation of February’s mild weather in western Pennsylvania, along with more daylight hours, where the sun is ‘riding higher’ in the sky. These factors have all contributed to increased rooftop solar energy production, as we exit the ‘dark days’ of… Continue Reading “Sunnier Days are here Again!”

Bolt Report – March 2023

Monthly savings of over $67 The latest GM monthly report on our 2019 Chevy Bolt indicates a 98 miles-per-gallon-equivalent over 741 miles of winter driving in February. Winter driving consumes more energy in the Bolt due to its use of resistance electricity to maintain… Continue Reading “Bolt Report – March 2023”

30 Puts Us Over 1 Thousand Dollars

Those of us in Pennsylvania are fortunate to have the ability to sell the energy credits (SRECs) created by our solar panels.  A Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) adds value beyond the electricity savings you get from a solar system. You automatically earn them when… Continue Reading “30 Puts Us Over 1 Thousand Dollars”

Solar Energy for the Win!

These two charts show how tumultuous and increasingly expensive our ride has been over the past 2 years, from Pennsylvania’s increasing reliance on fracked methane gas for both heating and electricity, even though we’re sitting right on top of one of the biggest gas formations in the… Continue Reading “Solar Energy for the Win!”