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Patagonia BIPV and Home Depot Solar

On January 28, 2023, Jennifer Sensiba writes in CleanTechnica: Patagonia & Home Depot Are Both Increasing Their Solar Footprints Developing its own unique transparent photovoltaic (PV) covering, NEXT had a remarkable partnership with Patagonia outdoor apparel company of Ventura. Together they installed 22 energy-generating… Continue Reading “Patagonia BIPV and Home Depot Solar”

Good News from Japan in Solar Energy Research

In 2022, we learned of a breakthrough by researchers at Tohoku University on a highly transparent solar cell, “Highly Transparent Solar Cell with 2D Atomic Sheet Successfully Fabricated“ An optical image of a highly-transparent solar cell fabricated with a 2D atomic sheet. ©Toshiaki Kato A… Continue Reading “Good News from Japan in Solar Energy Research”

CHRISTMAS GIFT: Solar Shined While Gas Froze Up Again

On January 9, 2023, reporter Anya Litvak wrote about the latest energy crisis during brutal winter weather over the Christmas weekend: A perfect (winter) storm brings lessons for gas producers and the electric grid The brutal, unrelenting cold that lasted for several days over… Continue Reading “CHRISTMAS GIFT: Solar Shined While Gas Froze Up Again”

FRANCE: Solar Energy from Parking Lots

Énergie solaire à partir de parkings. The latest solar energy news out of France blanketed media outlets: France to require all large parking lots to be covered by solar panelsIn France, solar just got a huge boost from new legislation approved through the Senate this week… Continue Reading “FRANCE: Solar Energy from Parking Lots”

Hybrid HVAC with Solar Energy and an EV

Our home electric and gas utility bills arrived in late October. Total: $38.67 Image: Electric bills for 12 month period = $290.44$24.20 average per month includes EV charging It’s been over a year since we upgraded our home heating and cooling system from an… Continue Reading “Hybrid HVAC with Solar Energy and an EV”

No Room on your Roof? Try Community Solar!

‘Community solar is about to explode’ in Illinois Nara Schoenberg wrote a story in the Chicago Tribune on October 31, 2022, “A way to get solar energy — no rooftop panels required — is making headway in Illinois: ‘Community solar is about to explode’… Continue Reading “No Room on your Roof? Try Community Solar!”

AGRIVOLTAIC FARMING: Our Food & Energy Future

Agrivoltaic farming involves strategically installing solar panels so they share land used for agriculture. Advocates for this option believe it could make a meaningful difference in both food supplies and energy infrastructure. Jane Marsh wrote a story in Renewable Energy Magazine on October 20,… Continue Reading “AGRIVOLTAIC FARMING: Our Food & Energy Future”

Caltech’s Space Solar Energy Project

Imagine collecting solar energy in space, where it has 8-times the potential of terrestrial solar, and beaming it back to Earth. Caltech’s wildly ambitious space solar project, buoyed by a massive hundred-million-dollar donation, is preparing to launch its first prototypes into orbit. These cutting-edge… Continue Reading “Caltech’s Space Solar Energy Project”

15 Companies Are Manufacturing Solar Panels in the US

Kelly Pickerel wrote a detailed article listing all the companies “entering a solar module manufacturing renaissance” in the United States. While her October 19th story includes the full details, below is a condensed list of those companies: Kelly’s complete story in Solar Power World… Continue Reading “15 Companies Are Manufacturing Solar Panels in the US”

New Federal Climate, Energy Law Makes Going Solar Well Within Reach

By Sharon Pillar, Executive Director PA Solar Center | October 4, 2022 The recently passed [federal] Inflation Reduction Act offers a number of incentives that make transitioning to solar power very attractive to homeowners, businesses, and other organizations. It offers financing tools and opportunities… Continue Reading “New Federal Climate, Energy Law Makes Going Solar Well Within Reach”