Daylily Photos

Daylily shows are great places to see all the new varieties!


Hemerocallis means "beauty for a day" and describes well the bloom cycle of daylilies, since each daylily flower only lasts one day. Due to multiple buds creating various stages of development on each daylily the bloom period usually lasts a couple weeks. The peak flowering period for most daylilies is mid-summer in Pennsylvania so most daylily shows are scheduled in July.

Orange daylilies are Bob’s favorites!

Orange daylilies are Bob’s favorites!

During a recent daylily show hosted by the Pittsburgh Iris & Daylily Society at the Galleria in Mt. Lebanon, Pa we photographed an array of award-winning daylilies entered in the judging competition. With a wide range of flower colors, types and sizes, daylilies offer something for every garden. Their hardiness and vigor make them stalwarts in most home flower borders.

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